Getting the word out about why we change service
Every New Yorker knows that the subway changes service to do different work. Since starting at the MTA, my priority has been to explain why trains get rerouted, and to help show riders that we're making important improvements and changes to the system. We don't just close the subway for fun!
Making complex service make sense.
I developed a now-familiar style of service change video, using the Vignelli Subway Diagram to illustrate how trains will run. I produce and direct all videos of this type.
Helping every rider out there.
I wrote and directed this video to help teach students the benefits of using their Student MetroCard, which gives them free trips to school and extracurricular activities. This video is screened in New York City classrooms at the beginning of each school year.
In 2020, we updated the video with masks on all characters to enforce the new mandatory mask policy.

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