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Presidio Bay is a collaboration between Miles Callan and myself. We share work on each episode, sharing research, writing, and production duties.
I create custom mods for Cities: Skylines to use in our builds, record the gameplay footage to use in the video, and edit the final videos together.
Period-Inspired Motion Graphics
I created a library of period-inspired motion graphics based on Sanborn Fire Insurance Map coversĀ using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.
These graphics are customizable within Adobe Premiere for easy reuse and updating for every episode.
Custom Assets and Commissions
The series demands large numbers of period-accurate custom assets in order to create an authentic picture of the early Bay Area.
I model, texture, and import most of our custom assets myself, focusing on the vehicles for the series. I also manage working relationships with several other Cities: Skylines creators, who we commission and advise to create the remaining assets for the series.

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