Promotional Assets
A large part of my work with the MTA is the creation of in-station messaging to alert riders of large service changes.
I create a wide variety of these types of assets, with each tailored to the specific change. Eye catching assets like the F Express got the word out about new, faster service to Manhattan in fall 2019.

Animated Service Change Notices
I adapted the print signage standards for new digital displays, and incorporated accurately redrawn maps for specific service changes. These were extremely well received by MTA staff, leadership, and subway riders, who finally had an accurate map to plan their trips using, and an easy breakdown of what affects their ride.

96 St Switch Replacement Advisory Map

4 Av Switch Replacement Advisory Map

Reopening New York Concepts
For New York's recovery from the Coronavirus, I created a campaign to get riders back on the subway and out enjoying the city. These concepts feature New York landmarks popping out of the frame, to give the static pieces motion.
Heroes Moving Heroes
During the height of the Coronavirus in New York City, transit workers stayed on the front lines to ensure essential workers could get to where they needed to go. I designed the Heroes Moving Heroes assets, and created a photo guide so MTA staff all over the organization could submit photos to use for the campaign.
Hate Has No Place
In response to an uptick in hate crimes in New York City, the MTA launched a new, widespread PSA campaign to drive witnesses to report hate crimes. Based on iconic signage on the Long Island Railroad, at Grand Central Terminal, and on the walls of the subway system, I designed and created all assets used.
LIRR "Hate Has No Place"
LIRR "Hate Has No Place"
MNR "Hate Has No Place"
MNR "Hate Has No Place"
NYC Transit "Hate Has No Place"
NYC Transit "Hate Has No Place"
Subway Day
While it had been an internal event for years, I helped create Subway Day, an annual celebration of the "birthday" of the New York City Subway. I created assets featuring historic imagery for every station on the original line, creating a living museum along its route. I also created a second set of assets for Subway Day 2020, for a much more muted celebration due to the Coronavirus.
Holiday and Event Graphics
I created assets for major holidays and events, to help New Yorkers and visitors know where to go. These assets are created for station signage and social media, and always get great feedback from riders who appreciate the MTA getting into the spirit of the holidays.
Other Graphics Concepts
Not all the assets I create make it out into the system, but some make it far enough through development that I end up really liking them anyway.

Holidays 2019

Election Day 2020

US Open 2019 Promo

NY Marathon 2019 Promo

Unreleased "Night Service" advisory

Unreleased "Bus Redesign" promo

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