Making it easier than ever to ride

BART service is in a period of intense change as the system redefines itself after the impacts of COVID-19. I have lead the production of new videos highlighting service changes at every major schedule change since I arrived, allowing us to promote new improvements and to communicate subtle changes such as clockface service that make BART easier to understand and to ride.
A new vocabulary for planned work

Historically, BART service has been fairly consistent, with most work happening overnight and with limited weekend disruptions, however this dynamic is beginning to change. As work to rebuild and improve the system is ramping up, I have worked to create a new vocabulary and system for how we communicate upcoming changes.
Content for BART's transportation and planning partners
BART exists alongside dozens of other transportation agencies in the Bay Area and works with partners for service and planning. I have created content showing off our connections to these projects, programs, and initiatives, leveraging BART's social reach to promote these partnerships.
50 Years of BART at Lake Merritt

2022 marked BART's 50th anniversary of train service, and to celebrate, Lake Merritt station was transformed into a BART museum.
I both curated the content and designed all material used in this station takeover, including the platform level "BART through time" showcase and the mezzanine level posters and decorations as part of BART's creative services team.

This project was a key component of the 50th Anniversary Celebration hosted at Lake Merritt station, which won First Place in the "Best Marketing & Communications Educational Initiative - Special Event" category at APTA's 2023 Adwheel Awards.
50 Years of BART Systemwide

50th Anniversary content was also deployed throughout the BART system.
I adapted content from BART's archives and from the Lake Merritt station display for standalone use on trains and in stations, including for downtown San Francisco's digital display arrays.

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